Volunteer Policy

Volunteers are those people who take the time to make a difference.


Library Volunteer Policy

The McIntosh Memorial Library welcomes you as a volunteer to the library.  In order to make this a rewarding experience for everyone, please read the following guidelines and show your agreement by signing.

  •  Volunteers are expected to dress neatly and modestly because volunteers personal appearance contributes to a favorable public image for the library. .
  • I will be polite in words and actions to all library patrons and staff.
  • I will work in a quiet and safe manner.
  • I will give the library sufficient notice if I am unable to work at my scheduled time.
  • I may bring food or beverages to the library. All items must be kept in the back office and they must not interfere with my duties.
  • Volunteers as well as staff members are asked to treat all information about patrons or library staff in a confidential manner. This includes all information that may be passed through word of mouth, computer documents, and other records.
  • I will maintain appropriate physical boundaries when working with people.
  • I will be willing to learn various aspects of library work and comply with library policies.
  • I authorize the Library to conduct a background check before I begin my duties as a volunteer.

I have read the above and agree to the policies.  I understand my volunteer privileges may be revoked if I violate any aspect of this policy.

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Approved with changes: June 15, 2017

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