Public Relations Policy

The purpose of the public relations policy is to guide efforts to keep the community informed about the McIntosh Memorial Library’s mission, services, and resources and to foster a positive public image in order to maximize effective use and support.

The objectives of the Library’s public relations program are:

  1. To promote awareness and understanding of the Library and its roles and activities in the community.
  2. To stimulate interest in and facilitate use of the Library.
  3. To encourage public participation in planning Library services.
  4. To build advocacy for the Library’s needs and the activities of the Friends of the Library organization.

The following means may be used to accomplish the foregoing objectives:

  1. Specific goals and activities shall be developed annually, and the program shall be evaluated periodically.
  2. Personal and informational group contacts shall be maintained with government officials, service clubs, civic associations, and other community organizations by library staff and board members.
  3. Local media shall be utilized to keep the public aware of and informed about the resources and services of the McIntosh Library.
  4. Informational materials will be communicated to the public via the library website, Facebook page, and other effective methods of reaching the public.
  5. The Library may sponsor programs, classes, exhibits, and other library-centered activities and shall cooperate with other groups in organizing these to fulfill the needs of the community for educational, cultural, informational or recreational opportunities.
  6. The Library Director or a designated staff member shall have the responsibility for coordinating the public relations and public information activities of the Library.


Revised & adopted: 3/16/17

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