Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision & Values of the McIntosh Memorial Library  

Our Vision

The McIntosh Memorial Library is an inspiring beacon of lifelong learning, bringing knowledge alive, sparking imagination and creating possibility for a vibrant and creative Viroqua.

Our Mission

To provide a trusted, accessible and globally-connected library and information service so as to promote a knowledgeable and engaged society.  We are a cornerstone to the community and are a vital, accountable, active participant’s within it. We provide leadership in a rapidly changing world.  We shape our collections, facilities and services in order to be sensitive and responsive to community needs and aspirations.


We value:

  • all people and their diversity
  • intellectual freedom
  • access for all
  • the right of individuals to learn and grow
  • quality service
  • teamwork and staff development
  • innovation and responsiveness to community needs
  • partnerships–shared contributions of employees, Board members, Friends and supporters
  • careful stewardship of the public trust, which ensures accountability and makes the most efficient and effective use of funds, both public and private; fosters collaboration, cooperation and co-location where possible with other agencies; and builds public/private partnerships to enhance services to our users

Organizational values

Service to our users is our reason for being. Those who need us most should be our highest priority.

  • All employees, volunteers and friends of the Library are valued as human beings and for their important contributions to our service.
  • We are a learning organization that is open, collegial, and risk-taking; we nurture our talents and each other and constantly reassess our services and methods to adapt to the changing needs of our community.
  • We support and defend intellectual freedom and the confidentiality of borrowers’ and inquirers’ use of the Library.
  • All Library services are provided in a nonpartisan and non-judgmental manner that is sensitive to and supportive of human differences.
  • Both staff and patrons are encouraged to laugh often and out loud.

Framework for the Future: Core Principles

We are:

  • Committed to children, teens and families.
  • Striving to serve seniors in accessible settings.
  • Leaders in technology.
  • Providers of facilities designed and constructed to be flexible and sustainable.
  • Judicious stewards of the public’s financial investment.
  • Creators of partnerships that contribute to the goals of the community and Library.

Adopted 4/20/09


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