Reference Services

The McIntosh Memorial Library

  1. Will provide information in the form of short answers to specific questions and guidance in locating material for patrons who appear in person, call on the telephone, or request information through correspondence;
  2. Will assist patrons in the use of the Library and teach basic research methodology, when appropriate (this includes providing help in developing a research strategy and advice on whether a trip to the Library would be worthwhile for individuals who telephone);
  3. Will provide bibliographic verification of items both in the Library and not owned by the Library and will assist patrons in obtaining materials through interlibrary loan, when appropriate;
  4. May refer library users to other agencies and libraries in of pursuit of needed information;
  5. All requests for reference information are confidential. Staff may consult with each other when necessary to serve the patron or consult with staff at other libraries, agencies, and organizations.

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