Meeting Rooms

Thank you for choosing one of our meeting rooms at the McIntosh Memorial Library (hereafter known as Library). The meeting rooms are available to organizations that wish to promote an open forum for knowledge, ideas, and cultural enrichment. Meeting room requests should be made by using our online reservation service at  You can also contact Library Director Trina Erickson at [email protected] or calling (608) 637-7151 extension 3.


The meeting rooms are primarily designed for Library programs and use.  The Library meeting rooms are available for public use as indicated below. The rooms are available on a first-come basis. Please note the rooms are not available prior to the Library opening time, or within 15 minutes of closing time.   Keep this in mind when scheduling if you need setup time prior to the start of your event.

Meeting Room Regulations

  1. The public meeting rooms are not available for fundraising or for-profit activities, purely social functions (e.g. receptions, birthday parties, showers, etc.) or activities that by their nature are or could be disruptive to normal Library operations (e.g. loud rallies or ceremonies). Noise resulting from public use of the meeting rooms must fall within levels that are acceptable and consistent with normal Library operations.
  2. No sales are allowed on any Library property.
  3. The Library reserves the right to review each prospective use and determine whether or not that use falls within the meeting room guidelines. Use of the premises may be terminated at any time if the conduct of the group, or any member of the group, is disruptive to Library service, abusive or dangerous to the building, Library materials, exhibits, furnishings or individuals in the building.
  4. The public meeting rooms must be reserved a minimum of 24 hours prior to the date and time needed.
  5. Groups using the meeting rooms are encouraged to restrict meeting times to a maximum of two hours.
  6. General courtesy and safety are expected. Individuals responsible for the meeting must ensure that all attendees know where the fire exits are located.
  7. The facility is smoke-free and alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the building.
  8. Library staff or representatives may enter the meeting rooms at any time and on any occasion.
  9. Animals (with the exception of Seeing Eye or registered assist dogs) may not be brought onto Library premises unless they are part of a Library sponsored program.
  10. It is the responsibility of the user organization to comply with the provisions of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), including providing an interpreter, if requested.

Food & Beverages

  1. Food and non-alcoholic beverages may be served in the Library meeting rooms. If there are spills or stains to the carpet or furnishings of the room, the users may incur cleaning charges.

DVD/Video Showings

  1. User organizations agree they will comply with copyright laws and will secure necessary performance licenses for DVD/video showings and exempt the Library for any failure to do so.


  1. Supplies stored in library cabinets and closets are not available for public use.
  2. The Library is not responsible for equipment or materials owned by an organization and used in the Library. Equipment and materials owned by others may not be stored at the Library.
  3. There is no charge for the use of Library equipment. Equipment is defined as a computer, television, and DVD player. The Library cannot provide operators for the equipment. If instruction is required for equipment operation, a representative of the group must set up an appointment with the meeting room coordinator in advance.


  1. Please call at least 24 hours in advance to cancel a meeting room reservation.  Failure to properly cancel a reservation may result in not being able to use the space for future functions.
  2. The Library may cancel confirmed reservations to accommodate Library sponsored activities. Library staff will notify meeting room users in the event of a cancellation.

Vacating the Rooms

  1. Users are expected to vacate rooms at the scheduled time as the same room may be used by several groups on one day.
  2. Users are expected to clean up the room when they have finished using the space.
  3. The meeting rooms must be vacated 15 minutes before closing time which means no later than the following times listed. A $100 fee may be charged if a group occupies the room beyond these times.


Monday – Thursday:  The room must be vacated by 7:45pm.

Friday:  The room must be vacated by 5:45pm

Saturday:  The room must be vacated by 2:45pm.


I have read through the Meeting Room Policy and agree to the terms and conditions as outlined.





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