Home Delivery Service

McIntosh Memorial Library’s Home Delivery Service Program supplies materials to individuals in their homes that are unable to get to the library themselves either permanently or on a temporary basis.  This service is also available to those within Assisted Living and Retirement Homes, Health Care and Day Care Facilities.

Application information at bottom of page. Please read the FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs:

Who is Eligible?

Any resident in the Viroqua Area School District.  Due to limited staff/volunteer resources program applications will be carefully reviewed.

Is there a cost?

No! This service is free to patrons. The only charges that may be assessed would be for lost or damaged materials.

How it Works

Deliveries are made as needed by one of our volunteer drivers.  Typically, deliveries will be made on Wednesday of each week.

You can reserve or request materials online through the library website at www.mcintoshmemoriallibrary.org.  You can also call the library to place an order at 637-7151 x. 6.

We will deliver the materials to your door when they are available.

Our volunteers will pick up and return your library materials when they bring the next delivery.  Place your returns in the same location as your delivered items.

Where can I read the Policy for Home Delivery Service?

Read the Policy Here

What can you Borrow?

All materials owned by the McIntosh Memorial Library.  You can also borrow materials from other libraries in the Winding Rivers Library System.

How do you sign up?

Sign up:

Application forms are available at the Library’s front desk. Completed forms can be submitted to Library Staff at the front desk.

Additionally, the application form is available for you to print at home and submit to the Library by postal mail:

Printable Application for Home Delivery Service Program

McIntosh Memorial Library, 205 S. Rock Avenue, Viroqua, WI 54665

Online Application Form

The Home Delivery Service Program Coordinator Maggie Strittmater will receive your Online Application Form. She will respond to you after she has reviewed your application. Please allow 2 days for the review-process.


Email the Home Delivery Service Program Coordinator Maggie Strittmater at [email protected]. She will advise you on your application process.

Questions? Contact the Home Delivery Service Program Coordinator: [email protected]

Or call the Library at 637-7151 ext. 7