Creating Community Beyond Biases: Library Resources

This Humanities program acknowledges a history, heritage or an awareness of-the month by providing accredited book lists to contemplate diverse human voices and cultural perspectives, and provides interactive, safe, virtual presentations for community-driven conversations to engage as an inclusive community.

Book Lists

  • This program has the potential to provide our community an accessible, free platform to safely engage in the subjects of racial equity and cultural diversity through a variety of exciting, interactive conversations. Through this program, the librarians provide lists of accredited, relevant library resources for each month.
  • This program will provide the opportunities for community members to engage with one another in a safe way with the purpose of exploring relevant, community-driven interests in the subjects of racial equity and cultural diversity.
  • Motivated, interested community members and McIntosh Memorial Library staff members will have the opportunity to educate themselves for the purpose of improving their self-efficacy in service to all community members.
  • Being a rural community in the time of social distancing, this program will network people and counter disengagement from minority groups in a safe, constructive way with the goal to meet our neighbors, address issues, and resolve to better our community because of our safe interactions and self-education.
  • Creating Community Beyond Biases: Library Resources is offered to all people within the Winding Rivers Library System, and even available to people who have not yet signed up for a library-borrower account. All people are welcomed regardless of their account status however, an additional goal of this program is to outreach broadly to all community members and inspire their life-long learning and apply for a library card.
  • Portions of this program will be available to view on Vernon Communications Cooperative local television cable Community Channel 14. View VCC’s website for local listings. Vernon Communications Coop Channel 14.
  • Links for the virtual presentations can be found under Adult Programs, Teen Programs or Children Programs depending on the intended audience. Links can also be found under Viroqua Library’s Facebook Events Page.
  • Recording of the presentations are available on the library’s Facebook page Viroqua Public Library under Videos, and on the Library’s YouTube Channel McIntosh Memorial Library Viroqua YouTube Channel

Questions? Would you like to present? Contact Ms. Laci Sheldon at [email protected] or call 608-637-7151 ext.5 to leave a voice message.

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