Teen Programs


The Tween/Teen Area is located across from our main Circulation Desk. Inside the Teen Area we have provided flexible furniture, a television for gaming, and a growing collection of books, graphic novels, audio books, and video games. The Tween/Teen Area is a safe and fun space for local youth to gather in. We denote the Tween/Teen age group as 11 – 17 years old.

Boba Book Clubs

For more information about the Boba Book Clubs, please locate the “Boba Book Club” tab in the top Menu options.

Library Lenders 4-H Club

For more information on the Library Lenders 4-H Club, please locate the “4-H Club Library Lenders” tab in the top Menu options.


Volunteer Opportunities!

Are you in middle or high school and looking for a great way to volunteer at the library? Have volunteer hours to fulfill? The library is your place to do so! Flexible hours and interesting opportunities!

Connect with the Library’s Youth Services Director, Laci Sheldon, at [email protected] or call 608-637-7151 x.5.