Document Disposal

All documents stored at the McIntosh Memorial Library are stored according to the Record Retention Schedule for Wisconsin’s Public Libraries and Public Library Systems.  This schedule was adopted by the Wisconsin Public Records Board on February 27th, 2006.

The following policy outlines the procedure the Library Director must follow before disposing of Public Records:

  1. Before disposing of any document review the Wisconsin Public Record Board’s Retention Schedule.
  2. If the retention time period has expired the document may be discarded.
  3. Any document containing patron, personnel, or financial information should be shredded and disposed of.
  4. Any document not containing patron, personnel, or financial information should be recycled.
  5. Any document containing historical information about the Library or community should be carefully reviewed. Historical documents could be transferred to the Vertical File in the Library’s Reference Department or donated to the Vernon County Historical Society.
  6. If the Library Director is unsure what to do with a document the Library Board should be consulted during a regular monthly Board meeting.